Monday, 28 November 2011

First time pantyless in school..

Have been damn horny for the past 1 week. My friend with benefit always do his job halfway. Lazy bum :(

Anyway, since I was horny this morning, I decided to go pantyless in school. The thought of it at first was that I am so damn afraid that everyone will know and see through it. However, on the other hand, my dirty horny slutty devil told me that I was craving for attention!

Therefore, I decided to try this for once. Went to the toilet after lunch and took it out. I was wearing a pair of dark denim shorts. So I supposed no one can see that I am not wearing anything underneath.

Feeling scared but sexcited, I walked out of the toilet, pantyless in school. The feeling was so damn shiok! It was so damn shiok that I am getting more and more daring to get more attention from people. Other than that, I felt more horny.

How I wish that this friend with benefits of mine aka senior have not graduate. If not my school life will be so damn sexciting ;p

Looking forward to go pantyless for the whole day again tomorrow! Shall not wear shorts. Gonna build up my courage slowly by wearing a long maxi dress. Oh, and there's lab tomorrow! But there are only 2 pathetic and holy guys in my class :(


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  1. lol.. tats so sad, won't happen if you were in kl